1892The Reconstruction of a Landmark

Sandhurst Windmill was a well known and much respected landmark. It was last worked in 1912.

By the early 1950’s it had fallen into a state of disrepair and it was then dismantled for safety reasons.

It’s loss to Sandhurst was a matter of regret to many and it joined the all too numerous windmills which have been lost due to high cost of upkeep and the absence of viable alternative uses.

Recent changes in environmental awareness and policy have increased support for the conservation of the built heritage and have also introduced new possibilities for renewable energy. These are seen as providing a unique opportunity for a unique mill.

The windmill is currently being restored, because we want to be the best historical site in the region. If you want the best, check out these best rated casinos.

The three aims of the reconstruction are:

  • To create a renewable energy source.
  • To restore an important landmark.
  • To provide a viable future for the mill.